The Organs of Association:

General Assemblies  General Assemblies are the highest decision making Organ of the Association, With each member having one vote at the meetings 
Board of Directors  The seven members of the Board of Directors are elected every two years at the meeting of the General Assembly. The Board of Directors are responsible for administration of the association other than overlooking the activities of the committees, and having mutual responsibilities. Each Board member is elected at Board meeting with particular assignment as Chief of the Board, Vice Chief, Treasurer, Secretary and, Public Relation Officer. 

Eligiblity for Board of Directors and Inspector:

  • Bona-fide member of the Association for a minimum of one year
  • Legal resident of Canada
  • Present at the General meeting and accept nomination personally
  • Not related to other nominees
  • Having some knowledge of English language

Eligibility for membership:

  • Completing the membership form and accepting bylaws, rules and regulations of the Association
  • Payment of membership fee ($20.00 per year)
  • For Membership Application form Click Here
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